First Empires is growing a line of unusual and engaging enamel pins inspired by the early cultures of the new and old worlds. Projects will launch on crowdfunding sites and then move to to reach an ongoing audience.

My second enamel pins project, Ancient Serpents features four amazing hard enamel pins based on the mythological serpents of four early world cultures. Quetzalcoalt from the Aztecs, J√∂rmungandr from the Norse, Mucalinda from the Buddhists, and Kukulkan from the Maya. Each pin is 2" (50mm) on its longest axis and between 1.25" and 1.5" (32mm to 38mm) along its short axis with two posts and rubber clutches.

My first pins project, Aztec Death, consists of four brutal soft enamel pin designs based on images originating in the Aztec document known as Codex Laud. These pins show different aspects of Mictlanticutli as his stalks, sacrifices, beheads, and devours captured warriors. Each pin is 2" (50mm) wide and 1.75" (44mm) tall with two posts and rubber clutches.

I had planned to have a "Pin of the Month" Patreon project where I would do a new Aztec Tonalli pin every month. The Patreon didn't attract any members, so the project is back burnered for now, but I made the first pin, Eagle, the 15th day sign, in advance. The pin is 1" (25mm) wide and 0.5" (13mm) tall with one post and a rubber clutch.